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Face Shapes

Not sure what frames are right for your face? Hey, that’s why we’re here! Read all of our helpful tips on what frames are best suited for all face shapes.

Oval-Shaped Face:

Lucky you, ovals are the easiest shape to fit. An oval-shaped face is characterized by balanced proportions, a narrow forehead and jaw line, a chin that is slightly narrower than the forehead, and typically high cheekbones. The balanced proportions of the oval face means they can wear just about any frame shape.

Tips for Choosing Glasses

  • An oval-shaped face can wear practically any frame, so experiment with a variety of frame shapes to find the perfect look
  • You might want to start with rectangular or butterfly frames
  • People with oval faces often have smaller features, so make sure your frames are in proportion and don’t overpower your face

Square-Shaped Face:

Square-shaped faces are usually proportional in length and width. They are characterized by a strong, prominent jaw line, square chin and broad, deep forehead. Because square faces are so angular, try round or oval glasses to soften and add contrast to the face.

Tips for Choosing Glasses

  • Round frames are perfect for creating curves and softening square or angular faces
  • Cat-eye frames provide interesting curve and contour to square faces
  • Gently curved oval frames help minimize angles and lengthen a square face
  • Frames should be more horizontal than vertical
  • Subtle rimless frames with soft edges add contrast and visual interest to a strong, square face

Round-Shaped Face:

Get a good angle on your round face. A rounder face has an equal width and length and is characterized by soft curves with few angles, if any. As a general rule, a balanced face looks best, so people with rounder faces should select angular frames to help sharpen and add definition.

Tips for Choosing Glasses

  • Angular frames with rectangular or geometric shapes create balance and add definition to a round face
  • Rectangular styles make a round face look slimmer
  • Frames that are more horizontal than they are vertical make round faces appear longer and thinner
  • Glasses with high or mid-height temples help lengthen a round face

Heart-Shaped Face:

Fall in love with your heart-shaped face! A heart-shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead, narrower jaw line, high cheekbones and a narrow chin. Because heart-shaped faces can be a bit more challenging to fit, it’s important to have fun and experiment with a variety of frame shapes to find the perfect look. Of course, personal style and expression triumphs over all. So if you love it, then wear it!

Tips for Choosing Glasses

  • Butterfly or cat-eye styles are great for balancing a heart-shaped face
  • Round frames in lighter colors balance and soften a wide forehead
  • Frames that are wider at the bottom than the top help offset the narrow chin
  • Cat-eye frames balance a narrower jaw line
  • Eyeglasses with low temples add balance
  • Some frames can exaggerate the widest point of a heart-shaped face, so try to avoid frames that are decorative at the top or that are wider at the top than the bottom

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